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Our goal is to lay a solid foundation of knowledge and teach students new methods of learning to help them achieve academic success.

K T after school is like a small scale private school. We offer English, math, Chinese (optional) class every day and art class on every Friday without extra charge.

We also offer “Mad Science Workshop” during the spring, summer, fall and winter break.

Our teachers hold California Teaching Credentials and have a dozen years of classroom teaching experience. We hang their credentialed certificates on the wall. Our teachers use innovative ways to teach our students, and therefore, students benefit from our high quality academic programs and have fun at the same time.


Most of our students, on average, are two years above their grade level.


You are welcome to bring your child here for “ Two Days Free Trial”.


We help students finish their homework, help them make great progress in their academic performance and help them pass the test of  “GATE” program.  Last school year (2015-2016), we helped four students pass the test of “GATE” “Gifted and Talented Education” program. On average, more than 1000 students compete for 35 GATE spots.

We can pick up your child from neighboring schools to attend our after school program.


Call us for Two Day Free Trial:


In The


2018 Summer Camp

6/25 - 8/10

3399 CSM Drive,

San Mateo, CA 94402

For weekly details, please see 2018 Summer Camp Schedule under OUR PROGRAMS tab.

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