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2018 Spring Break Camp



Our high quality academic camp will start April 2nd,2018 and extend to April 13th, 2018.  


We open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.


We offer 4 classes every day. Along with math, English, Chinese and art classes, we also offer special programs such as "Mad Science" class, English public speaking class, English creative writing class, chess class, and a lot more.


We have Mad Science Workshops from April 2nd to April 6th,2018.

Here are the descriptions of the Mad Science workshops:


April 2 / 2018 (Monday)  11:00  am—12:00 Noon


Polymers (Slime)

Explore the exciting world of polymers, the chemical reactions we use to create them and the inner workings of silly putty. Transform two regular liquids into an oozing batch of your very own slime...

April 3/ 2018 (Tuesday)  11:00  am—12:00 Noon

Dry Ice

Explore the 3 states of matter. Turn water into ice in 30 seconds, build a giant bubbling potion, carbonate plain drinking water and create the same awesome smoke illusions used in the movies …

April  4/2018 (Wednesday) 11:00  am—12:00 Noon

Fantastic Fliers

The Wright Brothers would be proud as we follow in their footsteps and learn the forces that affect flight. Make and test various plane designs to see these forces in action.

April 5/2018 (Thursday) Space...The Final Frontier 11:00  am—12:00 Noon


Space...The Final Frontier

These are the voyages of young inquiring minds on a quest to discover Space! Their mission: to take an exciting look at planets, moons, comets, and stars…to boldly go where bright young minds love to go (space suits not required). Children will return from their mission with their own piece of the skies


April 6/2018 (Friday)  11:00  am—12:00 Noon


Learn about electricity, its properties and its role in natural phenomena.

Make indoor lightning while conducting hair-raising experiments with our electro-static generator…

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