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2017 Spring Break Camp



Our high quality academic camp will start April  3/2017 and extend to April  7/ 2017.  


We open from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm every day.


We offer 4 classes every day. Along with math, English, Chinese and art classes, we also offer special programs such as "Mad Science" class, English public speaking class, English creative writing class, chess class, and a lot more.


We have Mad Science Workshops on April 5/2017 (Wednesday), and April 7/ 2017 (Friday).  


Here are the descriptions of the Mad Science workshops:


4/5/2017   ( Wednesday ) 11:00  am—12:00 Noon


Magnificent Magnets


Investigate the powers and daily uses of magnets Explore magnetic fields and their relative strengths and properties. Take home your own floating magnets.


4/7/2017   ( Friday) 11:00  am—12:00 Noon


Harnessing Heat


Take-on temperature! Build a thermometer and heat things up with friction. Feel how hot and cold can change at a touch. Apply your red-hot knowledge to your very own Heat Sheet.

Mad Science Dry Ice




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