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Preschool Programs

For Children Ages 2-6


Comprehensive Preschool Programs

At KT After School in San Mateo, we offer a nurturing environment for children ages 2-6. Our preschool programs include:

  • Literacy & Reading: Enhance early reading skills through interactive story times and reading sessions.

  • Math and Science: Hands-on activities to develop basic math and science understanding.

Enrichment Activities

Our enrichment activities provide a well-rounded experience:

  • Art & Drawing: Foster creativity through various art projects.

  • Chess Play: Introduce strategic thinking with age-appropriate chess activities.

  • Outdoor Play: Daily outdoor activities and playground time for physical development.


5-Day Free Trial

Join KT After School's preschool program in San Mateo and enjoy a 5-day free trial to experience our nurturing and enriching environment. Give your child a head start on their educational journey in a fun and supportive setting.

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