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About Us

At KT After School, our mission is to provide a nurturing and enriching environment for children to excel academically and personally. We offer a range of programs designed to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Comprehensive Programs

KT After School provides after-school care, preschool care, and daycare services. Our curriculum is similar to a small-scale private school, with daily classes in English, math, and optional Chinese, along with art classes every Friday at no additional cost.

Experienced Educators

Our teachers hold California Teaching Credentials and have over a decade of classroom teaching experience. Their credential certificates are proudly displayed, reflecting their commitment to high-quality education. They employ creative teaching techniques, ensuring our students benefit from exceptional academic programs while enjoying the learning process.

Enrichment Classes

Our enrichment classes include the popular “Mad Science Workshop” sessions during spring, summer, fall, and winter breaks. These hands-on learning experiences make education fun and engaging.

Proven Success

On average, our students perform two years above their grade level. We also assist students in preparing for and passing the “Gifted and Talented Education” (GATE) program test. Historically, more than 1,000 students compete for just 35 GATE spots, and our students have successfully navigated this challenging process.

Camps and Additional Services

KT After School offers spring, fall, and summer camps that provide enriching experiences outside the regular school year. Additionally, we provide homework assistance and academic progress support. For your convenience, we offer pick-up services from neighboring schools.

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